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Why Jagex Keeps RuneScape Servers Online

Jagex maintains support for three separate versions of RuneScape - classic, old school, and modern - each based on different iterations of the game throughout its history.

Premier Club Subscription Plans Launch on RuneScape

While players have always been able to opt into a subscription plan for RuneScape, Jagex has announced a new way to make this membership more appealing: The Premier Club.

RuneScape 3: P2P Solo Dungeoneering Guide

Dungeoneering gives very good combat exp per hour as well, at least 50K XP/Hour is common when doing solo mediums; this makes for a good method of training combat passively.

New Updates are Coming to RuneScape in 2017

Jagex are promising an update that will add an area the size of The Elf City a year. The biggest change coming to RuneScape in 2017 is a rework to how Jagex roll out updates.

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