accountrs:Global Combat Improvements

accountrs Date: Jul/15/14 14:27:29 Views: 838

    For those of you who enjoy Evolution of Combat, we’ve also made significant improvements to the system, based on your feedback. We've fine-tuned these on the beta servers in recent months.
    The 138 combat formula has been reinstated, tweaked to have equal contribution from melee, ranged and magic.Special attacks on weapons have returned. In EoC mode you can find the 'Weapon Special Attack' ability in the Defensive Abilities menu
Strength bonuses have replaced critical hit chance.Click here for cheap Runescape Accounts.

    Ability damage has been fine-tuned to address some long-term imbalances. Damage output potential remains the same, but weaker abilities have been improved and overpowered abilities toned down.More life points come from stats than from amour, and combat triangle penalties and bonuses are slightly relaxed.The Load-out interface has been updated to give clearer info for offensive and defensive stats.Some bosses - such as the God Wars Dungeon generals - have had their difficulty slightly increased
Today’s update also brings a few Legacy-only and EoC-only game worlds. While the systems have been designed to be played side-by-side, we appreciate that PKers will want to know which mode their opponents will be using.
    Fancy seeing this for yourself? Tune into our Twitch channel at 6pm BST today for our special Legacy Live Stream to spend 4 hours getting the lowdown with Mod Pips, Mod Pi, and Mod Slayer.

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